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Sustainability Science and Engineering

The Khanna lab research program focuses on development and application of systems-based approaches for understanding sustainability and resilience in engineered and natural systems. We investigate systems, products, and technologies at multiple scales ranging from the narrowly focused process scale to life cycle, economy, and ecosystem scales. The overall goal of our work is to understand the environmental impacts of processes, technologies, and products. Our research is highly multidisciplinary and involves collaborations with other scientists and engineers. We take a multi-displinary approach in various projects incorporating methods from engineering, applied statistics, network theory, and, economics.














Topics of past and current research include:

  • Environmental sustainability of emerging biofuels and bioproducts

  • Process modeling of emerging energy technologies

  • Quantification of ecosystem goods and services

  • Modeling of complex systems

  • Water-Energy nexus

  • Modeling of Food-Energy-Water systems

  • Sustainability and resilience metrics

  • Life cycle environmental impacts of materials (nanomaterials, rare earth elements)

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